28 february 2013
ECCO is the first mover in automation of point-of-sales Microsoft Dynamics for Retail
ECCO-ROS, exclusive distributer of Danish brand ECCO, started automation of POS-terminals with Dynamics for Retail.

It is the first time of using Microsoft for management of POS-terminals in Russia. The project is being implemented jointly with GMCS.The project is the important step toward increasing efficacy of management and development of retail sales chain ECCO and design of single solution for automation of the all geographically distributed company chain in the key processes on the base of Microsoft Dynamics for Retail. Currently, the functionality for management of POS-terminals has been implemented in the one shop of ECCO retail chain in Moscow.

"Significant success part of such scalable projects as we are carrying in our company is design of the single informational space that will unify all the processes. POS-terminals aren't usually in the single informational space, that's lower effect of the most useful initiatives for clients, for example, it is a loyalty program. Microsoft Dynamics for Retail helped us to solve this task. Thank to Microsoft we can except unnecessary parts in the data link from POS-terminals to ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics AX in the main office, which required substantial resources for support. It allows us to reduce TCO of IT-infrastructure and at the same time to increase usage efficacy and to react to changeable business requests," noticed Sergey Prokhorov, CIO ECCO in Russia.

One of the important advantages of Microsoft Dynamics AX, as IT specialists of ECCO thinks, include flexible platform, which provides a great opportunity for a comprehensive and centralized management of POS systems and the development of their functionality. Thus, the integration of POS and bank terminals will conduct a strict, fully automated and accounting for non-cash sales and mixed payment, eliminating discrepancies. In the future, the company plans to expand the ability to pay by credit card: contactless way the terminals of the technology PayPass. This will reduce the time of customer service. The new terminal, which will replace the currently used one, will also be integrated into a single information space based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

"We pay great attention to the development of comprehensive proposals for the Russian retail trade and improve constantly the product portfolio, and our customers appreciate it. Today we are experiencing a new phase of market development of our solutions in Russia: the first is project of POS-terminals automation based on Microsoft Dynamics for Retail. We are especially pleased that we have reached this landmark milestone with the company ECCO, our long-time customers, successfully developing its business in Russia on the solutions Microsoft. And we are pleased that for the company ECCO it is also a new stage of business," said Alain Gekler, Director of Microsoft Business Solutions in Russia.

"ECCO came to the project carefully and consistently. Taking into account the scale of the project (several hundred stores, constant opening of new ones), as well as functional coverage solutions, this strategy was the most appropriate and justified. We’ve created relevant business solutions and are confident that the retailer will appreciate its benefits," said Catherine Voropayeva, president GMCS.

In the near future the company plans to replicate the solution through the whole retail chain.


ECCO-ROSis an exclusive distributor of Danish shoe brand ECCO in Russia. Since 1991, the company offers to Russian consumers the world’s popular ECCO shoes. As at 2012, the ECCO chain comprises of more than 300 stores in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and continues to actively develop. The company’s office is located in Moscow; management of the proprietary stores in the regions and interrelation with regional partners is performed from the office.
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