CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) helps people and businesses support the causes they care about, and for charities, CAF provides simple and straightforward day-to-day banking and fundraising services, freeing them up to concentrate on the real work of making a difference. CAF’s mission is to motivate society to give ever more effectively, helping to transform lives and communities around the world.

MAYKOR’s status: Partner.
M. Chertok
Director of CAF Fund for support and development of philanthropy – 2016
CAF Fund for support and development of philanthropy would like to express its sincere gratitude to its partner of the #GivingTuesday 2016 initiative – MAYKOR. The most important achievement of #GivingTuesday is the total amount of funds raised via payment systems and billing aggregators, on average 2.5 times more than before. Such a great result would be impossible without your assistance.
Letter of Appreciation
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