Derbent Orphanage
Derbent state educational orphanage №2 was opened in 1942 for children of soldiers and children whose parents died in the Great Patriotic War.

Derbent orphanage number 2 has been awarded diplomas for its achievements related to sanitary conditions, hygiene and medical support, and for improving the lives of students through education and health promotion.

The orphanage’s administrators aim to create living conditions for the orphans that feel like home and do everything to ensure that students do not feel deprived.

At the end of 2015, members of the corporate volunteering program “A Caring Future with MAYKOR” provided gifts to pupils of the Derbent orphanage. Children received toys, educational books, educational games and sports equipment. In March 2016, MAYKOR’s Makhachkala branch together with Anji Football Club and Derbent’s city administration organized a trip for the children to view the match between Anji and Spartak.

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