Ivanovo Orphanage
The Ivanovo “Raduga (Rainbow)” orphanage was established in 1983. It is a children's home that accommodates 45 orphans.

The orphanage’s main objectives are correcting children’s development challenges through special education and work therapy, helping children grow positive identities, as well as social rehabilitation to help children adapt to life and work.

MAYKOR volunteers lend support to children from Ivanovo orphanage annually. They bring the children necessary items such as office supplies, art material, and winter shoes purchased from employee donations with the company’s financial support.

As part of the “Charity in Lieu of Souvenirs” program, MAYKOR supports a creative contest “Engineer as a Profession” for Ivanovo orphanage children for two consecutive years. In the last contest, the children created a series of drawings and clay figures representing how they imagine MAYKOR engineers work. The best works were used in the New Year charity calendar. After the contest, the orphanage received what it needed for it’s students’ creative development, and the winner was awarded a prize.

MAYKOR’s status: partner
T. Salamatina
Director of Ivanovo “Raduga (Rainbow)” Orphanage – 2015
The administration, staff and students express thanks to you and your excellent team for supporting the children's “Engineer as a Profession” drawing contest and for helping support the creative classes to train students.
Working with MAYKOR allows you to: