"Voskhod" Association
Penza Production Association “Voskhod (Sunshine)” is currently the only industrial enterprise in the Penza region designed to provide employment opportunities for people with visual and other disabilities. Included in All-Russia Society for the Blind – an organization created to protect the rights and interests, provide social support, rehabilitation and social integration, and ensure equal opportunities for visually impaired persons.

The company specializes in producing knitted products including socks, industrial-use gloves, children's knitted underwear wooden products.

MAYKOR’s cooperation with «Voskhod» company began in 2014 with the “Charity in Lieu of Souvenirs” program, in which the company purchased knitted products which were manufactured by "Sunshine" and used them as corporate gifts. MAYKOR passed on the savings realized from not purchasing traditional gifts for clients, providing «Voskhod» employees with radios, tonometers and computer equipment to improve their back office’s efficiency.

MAYKOR’s status: partner
V. Golov
CEO of Penza Production Association «Voskhod» – 2015
The team at Penza Production Association (Voskhod) is grateful for the assistance given to computerize the enterprise, improve working conditions for visually impaired people and prevent diseases.
V. Chirkov
Assistant Director of Social Welfare and Culture of Penza Production Association (Voskhod), sight-disabled person of group I – 2015
On my behalf and on behalf of all disabled persons in our organization, I express my heartfelt gratitude to MAYKOR for organizing charity events. The blind need support and for them it is imperative that people who are engaged in charity work are aware of their challenges and needs.
Working with MAYKOR allows you to: