Reshemskaya School
Reshemskaya Correctional Boarding School for orphans and children with disabilities and without parental care was opened in 1996. It accommodates 50 children.

The orphanage’s main objectives are correcting children’s development challenges through special education and work therapy, helping children grow positive identities as well as social rehabilitation to help children adapt to life and work.

Since 2014, the school also provides pre-university education focusing on agricultural. In addition, 16 children's associations related to moral-aesthetic, arts and crafts and sports areas partner with the orphanage.

Participants of the program “A Caring Future with MAYKOR” have been supporting Reshemskaya Correctional Boarding School for children with disabilities for several years. Volunteers bring the children necessary items such as office supplies, art material, winter shoes purchased from employee donations with the company’s financial support. In 2014, prior to planting season, MAYKOR volunteers donated a motor plow to help children in agricultural work.

MAYKOR’s status: partner
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