Banking and Finance

The banking and financial sector is a very competitive market and financial institutions have to adapt and stay competitive while complying with regulations. They adopt innovative solutions and programs to help reduce costs, improve customer service and increase customer loyalty.

Increasingly opting to outsource projects - for IT systems and specialized equipment as well as for business processes – financial institutions are looking to increase their ROI while maintaining reliability of operations.

Choose a reliable long-term partner with the expertise to solve all your IT challenges across Russia and bring innovation to your business. Choose MAYKOR.


MAYKOR offers comprehensive services as a one-stop shop and provides robust and quality solutions for geographically distributed financial institutions across Russia.
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MAYKOR helps financial organizations with the following:

  • Reliable and uninterrupted operation of all internal departments
  • Turnkey openings of new branches and offices across Russia
  • Lower operating and total infrastructure costs
  • Increase in productivity, quality of service and customer satisfaction

MAYKOR offers a wide range of business process outsourcing services (BPO) for banks and financial institutions:

  • Streaming data processing and document management
  • Corporate and tax accounting including reporting
  • HR administration and payroll

MAYKOR’s services will reliably manage and maintain all operation and technical equipment for financial institutions in all regions of the Russian Federation:

  • All-inclusive support for infrastructure service points including preventive maintenance, fault diagnosis, repair work, replacement inventory and supplies provision, spare parts repair and restoration, software installation and configuration including updates and upgrades, and user support
  • Turnkey setup and automation of technical equipment including workstations installation and updates, IT and facility systems management, and all equipment installation and commissioning
  • Implementation, development and technical support for automated enterprise management systems
  • Deployment of measures and processes to ensure information security and implementation and maintenance of security systems
  • Efficiently control company’s vehicle fleet

IT outsourcing services for financial institutions:

Bank equipment:
ATMs and payment terminals, POS terminals, currency detectors, counters, sorters, notes and coins packers, electronic safe deposit boxes, queue management systems, self-service units and stand-alone kiosks 

IT systems:
Computer and office equipment, printing devices, servers and network equipment, processing systems and storage, information security systems, telephony systems, audio and video conferencing, and innovative online workforce management systems

Facility systems:
Climate control systems, fire protection systems, low-voltage systems, video surveillance and access control systems, and electrical and lighting

Business applications:

Automated enterprise management system (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), data analytics and reporting system (BI) 

MAYKOR guarantees the highest quality of service for all your branches and subsidiaries throughout Russia. MAYKOR is your one source to deploy robust solutions using rigorous standards and methodologies, qualified staff, spare parts warehouses in all regions of Russia, and strict compliance with SLA.

Working with MAYKOR allows you to:
Increase productivity and effectiveness of planning and analysis functions
Reduce the cost of maintenance and ownership of branch network infrastructure
Increase productivity and quality of workforce
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