Logistics and Transportation

The business success of logistics and transportation companies depends on reducing the cost of quality control as well as more efficient use of transport and storage space, accelerated turnover of vehicles and inventory delivered, logistics optimization and adherence to safety processes.

What solutions and services to choose for maximum impact, reliability and ROI? What IT and business process functions to outsource? Who to trust with these tasks? Choose a reliable long-term partner with the expertise to solve all your IT challenges across Russia and bring innovation to your business. Choose MAYKOR.

MAYKOR provides a full range of services that improve the performance of logistics and transportation companies in all regions of Russia.

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MAYKOR helps logistics and transport companies with the following:
  • Improve efficiency of business process management at all stages of the supply chain
  • Expand warehouse management through mobile WMS applications and contactless identification equipment
  • Efficient billing of warehousing and transportation services
  • Increase transport efficiency, reduce time and cost of transportation

MAYKOR offers a wide range of business process outsourcing services (BPO):

  • Streaming data processing and document management
  • Corporate and tax accounting including reporting
  • HR administration and payroll

MAYKOR ensures logistics and transportation companies operate efficiently through:

  • Complete automation services for business management of transportation and logistics (3PL operators, warehouses storage and distribution centers), as well as implementation, development and support of business applications
  • IT infrastructure services for offices, warehouses and other facilities including monitoring and control, maintenance work, diagnostics and troubleshooting, software configuration and update, software accessories and spare parts management, and consulting support
  • Technical operation and maintenance of facility infrastructures, development and implementation of energy efficiency programs, and introduction of new energy-saving technologies
  • Effectively control entire company’s fleet of vehicles

Comprehensive outsourcing services:

Business applications:
Integrated enterprise management system (ERP), billing systems, planning and modeling solutions, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), vendor and customer relationship management (CRM), Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), maintenance management solutions, data analytics and reporting (BI), and mobile applications

IT systems:
Computer and office equipment, servers and network equipment, corporate data networks, processing and storage systems, telephony, audio and video conferencing, information security systems, workforce management systems

Facility systems:
HVAC systems, fire protection systems, cabling infrastructure, integrated security systems, plumbing, electrical and lighting, integrated energy utilization and control systems, automated control systems and building management

Workstations cashiers and shop equipment:
Cash registers , POS terminals, weighing, refrigeration and freezing equipment

By utilizing centralized application receiving and dispatching systems, industry best practices and methodologies, and experienced professionals, MAYKOR guarantees high quality services to transportation and logistics companies throughout Russia.

With MAYKOR, companies experience:
Reduced inventory and accelerated asset turnover
Optimized  infrastructure operations, improved accident prevention and less equipment downtime
The highest quality of services  in strict accordance with SLA
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