Manufacturing goods is a complex multi-faceted business with numerous challenges. Manufacturers are continuously looking for new ways to increase production, create successful marketing campaigns, access new markets, plan for more effective operational and strategic business processes, optimize production capacity, as well as develop integrated logistics support systems that comply with local and international standards.

The technologies and services manufacturers utilize should maximize production and ROI while outsourcing projects should provide optimal and reliable infrastructure systems and business processes.

Choose a reliable long-term partner with the expertise to solve all your IT challenges across Russia and bring innovation to your business. Choose MAYKOR.


MAYKOR provides IT and business process outsourcing services to enhance the performance of industrial companies of all sizes, including those with complex geographically distributed infrastructure.

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MAYKOR helps manufacturing enterprises as follows:
  • Improve business performance while reducing cycle time and WIP inventory
  • Increase efficiency of production facilities
  • Increase accuracy of production and business planning
  • Implement the principles of "lean production" to optimize the use of resources
  • Maintain the required safety levels and improve risk management related to production

MAYKOR offers a wide range of business process outsourcing services (BPO):

  • Streaming data processing and document management
  • Corporate and tax accounting including reporting
  • HR administration and payroll

MAYKOR’s services ensure industrial companies run smoothly through:

  • Implementation, development and technical support for automated enterprise management systems and specialized applications
  • IT infrastructure monitoring and management, including scheduled preventive maintenance, operational troubleshooting, software installation and update, accessories and spare parts provisioning and end-user consulting support
  • Infrastructure and equipment fleet services at all facilities including canteens, cafes, shops, offices, warehouses and other facilities; Technical operation, maintenance and repairs of all facility systems
  • Effectively control entire fleet of vehicles

IT outsourcing and support services for manufacturing organizations:

Business applications:
Integrated enterprise management systems (ERP), production and economic planning systems, supply chain management (SCM), solutions for MRO management processes and after-sales service, vendor and customer relationship management (CRM), Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS including barcoding equipment, data analytics and reporting (BI), and mobile applications

IT Systems:
Computer and office equipment, servers and network equipment, corporate data networks, system processing and storage, system information security, virtual servers and workstations, cloud solutions

Facility Systems:
HVAC systems, fire protection systems, water systems, cable networks, power systems and lighting, building automation, control of energy resources and consumption, integrated security systems

Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment:
Cash registers-, weighing, refrigeration, freezing and processing equipment

MAYKOR has deep industry expertise and skilled resources to partner with leading Russian and international manufacturing companies to provide high quality services.

MAYKOR provides solutions that:
Guaranteed quality of services provided in strict accordance with SLA
Reduce operating and material costs
Increase productivity and optimize overall operation
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