Public Sector

The public sector plays a crucial role in society: improve citizens’ safety and comfort, streamline communications between authorities and citizens, improve the quality of public services and the efficiency of public institutions as well as implement new and improved systems and solutions to update and upgrade state functions.

It is important for public sector agencies to determine which IT tasks and sub-processes can and should be outsourced. It is also essential to know what innovative solutions and services are available to solve challenges affected by public sector organizations, and most importantly, find a partner they can trust.

Choose a reliable long-term partner with the expertise to solve all your IT challenges across Russia and bring innovation to your organization. Choose MAYKOR.


MAYKOR provides a “one-stop shop” style IT services to public sector organizations with geographically distributed infrastructure across Russia.

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MAYKOR provides public sector organizations and agencies with a wide range of services as follows:
  • Create a unified quality control system for geographically distributed offices
  • Improve management effectiveness of basic business processes such as budget controls, earmarked funding, centralized treasury, separate accounting, procurement and tenders
  • Increase public safety levels
  • Create and maintain comfortable office environment through facility management and support

MAYKOR offers a wide range of business process outsourcing services (BPO) to public sector agencies:

  • Streaming data processing and document management
  • Corporate and tax accounting including reporting
  • HR administration and payroll

MAYKOR’s services ensure reliable operation and automation of government organizations throughout Russia through:

  • Monitoring and management services for IT infrastructure such as preventive maintenance, operational troubleshooting, replacement of parts and consumables, administration, configuration and software update
  • Operation, maintenance and repair all engineering systems, and the creation of viable energy consumption schemes
  • Maintenance of specialized systems and equipment
  • Implement, develop and provide technical support for automated enterprise management systems and specialized applications
  • Support for integrated security systems 
  • Automation of contract processes for public sector and local government customers (44-FL and 223-FL)
  • Development of cataloging systems for public and local government procurement departments. Systems operational services for sector and cross-sector cataloging.
  • Efficiently manage and control entire vehicle fleet

IT Outsourcing and comprehensive services for government agencies and organizations:

IT systems:
Computer and office equipment, printing equipment, franking, folding and inserting equipment, server and network equipment, processing and storage systems, telephony, audio and video conference systems

Facility systems:
Climate control systems, fire protection systems, plumbing, electrical and lighting systems, automated building control and access systems, engineering systems and technical security systems

Business applications:
Integrated enterprise management systems (ERP), treasury management solutions including budgeting for procurement and tenders, solutions for MFC and referral services (service centers and helpdesks), Human Resources Management Systems (HRM), data analytics and reporting (BI), portal solutions and mobile applications

MAYKOR has extensive experience working with the public sector and provides highly specialized solutions all across Russia.

MAYKOR’s solutions will allow you to:
Improve  efficiency of interaction between governments, citizens and businesses
Reduce paperwork
processing time
Lower costs for buildings, equipment and systems
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