Telecommunications and Media

In order to achieve sustainability, retain subscriber base and expand service offerings, telecom operators have to constantly update and upgrade their communications network and channels, add new and innovative services and offer competitive rates for both business and individual users.

Who to trust to manage and support critical communication facilities? What IT systems can be outsourced effectively? What high-tech solutions and services would maximize ROI?

Choose a reliable long-term partner with the expertise to solve all your IT challenges across Russia and bring innovation to your business. Choose MAYKOR.


MAYKOR ensures reliable operation of all telecoms infrastructure and remote control of communication facilities, all in strict accordance with SLA.

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MAYKOR supports telecom operators by:

  • Providing high-quality services to manage geographically distributed telecommunications infrastructure
  • Effectively operating call centers to reduce overall time of customer service calls, improve problem resolution and increase loyalty
  • Delivering integrated billing services
  • Increasing control over business processes, management efficiency and cost effectiveness

MAYKOR offers a wide range of business process outsourcing services (BPO) for telecommunications and media companies including:
  • Streaming data processing and document management
  • Corporate and tax accounting including reporting
  • HR administration and payroll

MAYKOR ensures smooth operation of telecommunications companies through:

  • Comprehensive maintenance of communication facilities including monitoring and dispatching of work performed, on-going and planned maintenance, emergency repair, upgrade and update of access nodes, warehouse equipment provision
  • Technical operation and maintenance of all engineering systems for buildings and facilities
  • Test and measurement of electrical equipment and electric installations of communications facilities in MAYKOR’s own electro-laboratory
  • Comprehensive IT and infrastructure outsourcing services for sales offices and service centers
  • Implementation, development and support of business applications
  • Effectively manage and control entire vehicle fleet

Comprehensive outsourcing services for telecommunications infrastructure: 

Communications infrastructure:
Fiber- optic communication lines, antenna mast constructions, base stations and data network including WiMAX, universal payphone service, access points, backbone nodes and linear cable communications facilities, satellite communications station type VSAT, femtocells and other devices

IT systems:
Computer and office equipment, network and server equipment, switching equipment, processing systems and storage, information security systems, telephony systems, audio and video conferencing, innovative online workforce management service

Facility systems:
HVAC systems, fire protection, low-voltage systems, cabling infrastructure, power systems and lighting, security systems

Business applications:
Integrated enterprise management system (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), contact centers solutions, integrated billing systems, planning and modeling solutions, Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), data analytics and reporting (BI), mobile applications

MAYKOR offers highly qualified technical experts, with 24/7/365 customer support and online monitoring system guaranteeing the highest level of services across all regions of the Russian Federation.

MAYKOR’s solutions allow you to achieve:
Decrease in cost of infrastructure operations and maintenance
Transparent management of key business processes
The highest quality of services  in strict accordance with SLA
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