Comprehensive IT Management for a European retailer with over 1,000 stores in 70 countries selling stylish accessories for women

MAYKOR provides Accessorize with the following:

  • End-to-end retail IT services and solutions to all stores in Russia
  • IT infrastructure deployment and support for any new store openings in Russia
  • IT management and issues resolution for POS systems, computer and office equipment, security and video surveillance systems at retail locations to ensure efficient operations

Geography: Entire Russian Federation.
A. Shtender
IT Director of Monsoon Accessorize-Russia - 2012
We are enthusiastic about MAYKOR's new subscription-based IT maintenance service for our stores. We find this service model to be the most reasonable and effective. The quality of MAYKOR’s work and their fast response times give us confidence that our POS's will not experience any downtime. We, at Accessorize, believe that our IT infrastructure is in the hands of a reliable service provider and hope to establish an effective long-term partnership.