Freight One
Improved efficiency of budget planning for Freight one, the largest rail freight operator in Russia

GMCS (a subsidiary of MAYKOR) implemented a centralized budget management system based on IBM Cognos in just five months. The solution allows Freight One to create different budget models, and profits, losses and cash flow projections for the company and its branches.

The engagement with GMCS has helped Freight One:

  • Improve the effectiveness of processes management and short-term strategic budget planning
  • Improve its financial performance

Geography: Central Federal District of Russia.
K. Voevodin
Head of Department of Economics, Freight One, 2009
GMCS (a subsidiary of MAYKOR) deep knowledge of budgetary control development methodology and understanding of financial processes in companies with complex management structure demonstrated to us that they were a valuable and reliable partner in the implementation of our BPM project.
A. Taicher
First Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance, Freight One, 2009
A new system is a necessary element of control. And all serious company hardly could operate without automate budgeting. It is very important that the responsible employee can see agreement at all stages from costs initiation to its inclusion in the budget.