Comprehensive support for POS systems across Russia for the national retail chain of women's clothing stores, INCITY 

MAYKOR provides the following support to INCITY:

  • Reliable equipment management including install, commission, repair and maintenance
  • Coordination with tax authorities on behalf of INCITY to register and deregister POS equipment as well as resolve any POS-related issues
  • On-going comprehensive user support

Geography: Entire Russian Federation.
S. Kutsenko
General Director of Fashion Continent - 2012
Since our company is developing quite rapidly, and so is the  number of stores; for us, a trouble-free operation of our equipment is crucial , especially during peak periods such as weekends and holidays, and especially around New Year’s. After over a year of partnering with  MAYKOR, we are convinced of the benefits of working with this company on a regular basis, and we will continue to work together.