KARI, an international footwear and accessories retail chain, chose MAYKOR as a single source IT outsourcing service provider for all stores in Russia 

MAYKOR provides full range of IT services for entire KARI retail chain across Russia as follows:

  • Comprehensive management of all IT infrastructure and payment systems at stores including maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment, all consumables and parts
  • Comprehensive support for KARI’s employees
  • Turnkey IT solutions for all new store openings

Geography: Entire Russian Federation.
V. Safin
CIO, KARI - 2013
Given the broad geographic locations of our stores, MAYKOR is the best solution provider for us in terms of economic efficiency. We are interested in a reliable service partner, which has the necessary resources and competencies to promptly solve all issues related to equipment maintenance at our stores. Our partnership with MAYKOR allows us to have a single contract of comprehensive services in all regions of the network, dramatically reducing the cost of service and support while getting the required level of service and simplifying the process of commissioning new stores.
V. Safin
IT Director of KARI - 2015
This outsourcing contract for centralized technical IT infrastructure support was signed in 2013. This model has allowed us to scale services based on business needs and maintain high growth rates without an increase in our own staff workload. Within two years, we have seen the cost-effectiveness of this approach, and are continuing to cooperate with MAYKOR.
V. Safin
CIO, KARI - 2015
In 2013, we signed a contract to outsource technical support for our centralized IT infrastructure to MAYKOR. This model has allowed us to scale the service required according to the needs of the business, while maintaining high growth rates and without any increase in non-core work on our own staff. Over the past two years, we have seen the cost-effectiveness of this approach and continue to engage with MAYKOR.