Successful, long-term integrated IT services for one of the largest freight companies in Russia – Lorry

MAYKOR provides Lorry with the following: 

  • Maintenance services for computer, office equipment and software for extensive network of branches
  • Comprehensive support services to all end-users 

Volga Federal District, Siberian Federal District, Ural Federal District of Russia.
O. Bystrov
Director for Information Technologies, Lorry - 2013
Since we aimed to expand into new regions to achieve business growth, we had to find a dependable service partner who could ensure flawless operation of our office equipment and software regardless of their location. MAYKOR has a wide range of technical solutions that fit our needs, a well-developed network of service units and engineers with excellent professional skills. In addition, outsourcing  IT support meets our business development strategy of which cost optimization is one of the main components. Utilizing this strategic framework, during the last year Lorry opened offices in four large cities in the Volga Region and Siberia and has increased our sales by more than 25 percent. By the end of the year at least a third of the company's fleet was located beyond the Urals district.