Media Markt
Facility and equipment management services for Media Markt, a leading European retail chain of home appliances and electronics

MAYKOR provides:

  • Support for strapping and thermoforming machines at Media Markt stores across Russia including on-going maintenance, diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Facility maintenance services for water supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and electric systems
  • Comprehensive support to all end-users

Geography: Entire Russian Federation.
E. Pawlicki
Head of Branch Operations, Media-Markt in Russia - 2013
To be effective, a large trading company such as Media Markt, needs efficient goods transportation processes including packaging, and as a result we are required to use special packaging equipment. We outsource technical support including support for the special equipment to MAYKOR because we want and need consistently high quality maintenance services in all our stores.
A. Belov
Regional Operations Manager of the branches of Media-Markt-Saturn in St. Petersburg – 2015
Media-Markt-Saturn’s regional office in the Northwestern Federal District is grateful to MAYKOR for helping ensure the physical infrastructure and security systems in Media Markt stores are functioning well. By taking over the entire engineering systems support services for our hypermarkets and promptly fulfilling all requests for maintenance and repairs, MAYKOR has validated its reputation as a reliable partner with efficient processes that are aligned with service management and a strong team of technicians and managers. We believe in continuing the existing business relationship and look forward to an even more mutually beneficial partnership