Ministry of Emergency Situations, Russia
Wide range of IT services for one of Russia’s government agencies, the Ministry of Emergency Situation (EMERCOM) 

MAYKOR provides:

  • Hardware and software maintenance support for National Comprehensive Information and Warning System (OKSION) in Moscow 
  • Development of control systems for natural or man-made emergency situations to inform and alert the Public Transportation System’s crisis management center for EMERCOM Chief Directorate in Vologda Region 
  • A wide range of services such as maintenance and repair of equipment and software for the OKSION system of the EMERCOM Chief Directorate in the Republic of Tatarstan
  • Implementation and technical support of an integrated monitoring and protection system that defends critical industrial facilities from natural and man-made threats for the EMERCOM Chief Directorate in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District-Yugra 
Geography: Volga Federal District, Northwestern Federal District, Ural Federal District, Central Federal District of Russia.
M. Pravdin
Head of Civil Protection, Chief Directorate, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Russia (Moscow) - 2013
Due to the critical tasks entrusted to the OKSION system, it is extremely important to ensure efficient and continuous operation of all aspects of the system. Thanks to the quick response from MAYKOR’s specialists, the number of equipment failures has decreased and the performance of the system has improved.
A. Tirtoka
Chief Directorate, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Russia - 2013
We are grateful to MAYKOR for the successful development and implementation of an automated information management system. This system is a key part of the Russian emergency management program including prevention and response, as well as a crucial component of the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s nationwide educational and training programs.