Innovative and specialized technology infrastructure services for one of the largest Russian telecommunications operator, MTS 

MAYKOR provides the following support to MTS: 
  • Technical operation and maintenance services of antenna mast structures, antenna-feeder devices and radio subsystem equipment  
  • Installation and maintenance of femtocells
  • Optimal operation of POS equipment, air conditioning systems, workstations, payment terminals and electronic queuing systems for MTS retail stores throughout Russia 
  • Managed print services including long-term infrastructure lease and maintenance services 
  • Implementation and rollout of enterprise resource planning system for branches (executed by GMCS, a subsidiary of MAYKOR) 

Geography: Entire Russian Federation.
S. Aslanyan
Vice-President & CIO, MTS - 2006
MAYKOR delivered excellent system planning and implementation services and provided crucial consulting on MTS’ internal business processes redesign which met all the requirements of the new system.
A. Solenov
Director of Administrative Department, MTS - 2011
I express my appreciation to MAYKOR for the quality and timely work they have provided to support our store openings across Russia.
S. Razzhivin
Head of Finance, RTC (MTS Monobrand Retail Chain) – 2016
We express our gratitude to the MAYKOR staff for their conscientious attitude, cooperation and high level of competency. A special thanks goes to the engineers for their professionalism, responsiveness and understanding of our company’s needs.