Implementation of several large enterprise projects for Naryanmarneftegas, one of the leading oil companies in Russia

GMCS (a subsidiary of MAYKOR) carried out:

  • Implementation of an automated enterprise management system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX covering bookkeeping, tax, management accounting including accounting in GAAP standards, pumping and compression pipe accounting, and ordering costs
  • Automation of warehouse management processes using GMCS Cargo Terminal and covers order acceptance, order allocation, items picking, shipping, bar-coding, and generating key statements
  • Development of consolidated reporting system, reducing time needed to obtain reporting for the parent company Results of long-term partnership:
  • Increased efficiency of business management
  • Ability to obtain reliable data on the cost of finished products for each oil field

Geography: Northwestern Federal District of Russia.
O. Zaitseva
Head of Financial and Economic Information System Department, Naryanmarneftegas, 2012
We have been partnering with GMCS (a subsidiary of MAYKOR) since 2008, and since then have implemented a number of joint projects including the automation of financial management, implementation of master scheduling and WMS-module based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, and development of corporate reporting. Each project has been unique and reflected the needs of our business during a particular period.