Wide range of IT and facility management services for Raiffeisenbank’s operations throughout Russia

MAYKOR provides Raiffeisenbank with the following: 

  • Comprehensive IT infrastructure, ATMs and POS terminals services for bank offices throughout Russia
  • Technical support to open/close operational offices, organize logistics, install and commission equipment
  • Maintenance service and repair of banking equipment for branches in the Southern Federal District
Geography: Far Eastern Federal District, Volga Federal District, Northwestern Federal District, Siberian Federal District, Ural Federal District, Central Federal District, Southern Federal District of Russia.
R. Murashkin
Head of the Directorate of IT technology infrastructure, Raiffeisenbank – 2015
We express our gratitude to the entire staff of the company for the reliable and high quality technical support rendered in servicing equipment and infrastructure for the bank’s regional network. I especially want to note the consistency and the ability of the project managers to find solutions in atypical, difficult situations, as well as the professionalism, accountability and customer-mindedness of regional engineers.
D. Chistyakov
Head, Vice President of IT End User and E-Bank clients Support Department, Raiffeisenbank – 2016
Raiffeisenbank expresses our gratitude to MAYKOR for many years of support and collaboration, in enabling us to solve technical support problems related to IT and banking equipment all around Russia in a highly efficient manner. The professionalism and project management proficiency of your team in the field contributed to the bank’s smooth transition to outsourcing, and resulted in a 30% cost reduction for our supporting functions. Today, we get on demand service coupled with a high level of quality from MAYKOR – as is evident from the over 10% reduction in downtime due to malfunction.
Letter of Appreciation
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