D. Zakharov
Deputy Technical Director, A5 Group of Companies – 2015
Being committed to a multisourcing model for technical support means that we are able to carefully select service partners and strive to build long-term relationships with them. This approach ensures smooth operations of our pharmacy network’s infrastructure, which is critical for high quality customer service.
A. Shtender
IT Director of Monsoon Accessorize-Russia - 2012
We are enthusiastic about MAYKOR's new subscription-based IT maintenance service for our stores. We find this service model to be the most reasonable and effective. The quality of MAYKOR’s work and their fast response times give us confidence that our POS's will not experience any downtime. We, at Accessorize, believe that our IT infrastructure is in the hands of a reliable service provider and hope to establish an effective long-term partnership.
R. Urmantsev
Head of Metrology, Аutomation, Telecommunication and IT, Bashneft-Dobycha - 2013
We were very happy with the prompt and quality maintenance work done on our air conditioning systems.
S. Prokhorov
CIO, ECCO - 2013
Yet for us the key advantage of working with MAYKOR is to have all types of equipment being taken care of on a one-stop-shop basis, which is made possible thanks to MAYKOR's own broad-scale service network covering each and every region of Russia. This single contract allows us to cover several types of our most critical equipment. MAYKOR's service has helped us cut our non-core expenses, optimize document flow and simplify launching new stores.
A. Vilnin
Director of FEFU IT Department – 2015
By 2019, FEFU should become the leading scientific and educational center in the Asia-Pacific region. To achieve this, a highly efficient management model has been introduced and resources have been allocated to high priority areas. This model utilizes outsourcing as one of the tools to improve operational efficiency of the University.
R. Akopyan
IT Department Director, HENDERSON Fashion House – 2015
A reliable POS system reflects a store's customer service quality. Therefore, technical support for HENDERSON’s POS system can only be trusted to qualified experts in the market. We have engaged MAYKOR for more than 3 years and trust the quality of its technical support services.
S. Kutsenko
General Director of Fashion Continent - 2012
Since our company is developing quite rapidly, and so is the  number of stores; for us, a trouble-free operation of our equipment is crucial , especially during peak periods such as weekends and holidays, and especially around New Year’s. After over a year of partnering with  MAYKOR, we are convinced of the benefits of working with this company on a regular basis, and we will continue to work together.
V. Safin
CIO, KARI - 2013
Given the broad geographic locations of our stores, MAYKOR is the best solution provider for us in terms of economic efficiency. We are interested in a reliable service partner, which has the necessary resources and competencies to promptly solve all issues related to equipment maintenance at our stores. Our partnership with MAYKOR allows us to have a single contract of comprehensive services in all regions of the network, dramatically reducing the cost of service and support while getting the required level of service and simplifying the process of commissioning new stores.
V. Safin
IT Director of KARI - 2015
This outsourcing contract for centralized technical IT infrastructure support was signed in 2013. This model has allowed us to scale services based on business needs and maintain high growth rates without an increase in our own staff workload. Within two years, we have seen the cost-effectiveness of this approach, and are continuing to cooperate with MAYKOR.
V. Safin
CIO, KARI - 2015
In 2013, we signed a contract to outsource technical support for our centralized IT infrastructure to MAYKOR. This model has allowed us to scale the service required according to the needs of the business, while maintaining high growth rates and without any increase in non-core work on our own staff. Over the past two years, we have seen the cost-effectiveness of this approach and continue to engage with MAYKOR.
M. Popov
CEO, KIT - 2013
In 2013, the company had planned to open several branches in strategic locations across Russia to strengthen our business. After we decided to transfer the maintenance of all our computer and office equipment to MAYKOR, we noticed the effectiveness of outsourcing and have chosen to use this model for all new branch openings. Partnering with MAYKOR not only lets us maintain efficient operation of our existing equipment, but also ensures the supply, installation and commissioning of additional equipment needed. This allows us to open new branches quickly and cost-effectively.
M. Popov
CEO, KIT – 2015
Information technology is one of the key components of a successful business for transport companies, which is why KIT’s IT department is focused on ensuring the advanced development of our IT infrastructure. Our long-term outsourcing partner, MAYKOR, helps us with this goal, taking on all day-to-day aspects of technical support.
O. Bystrov
Director for Information Technologies, Lorry - 2013
Since we aimed to expand into new regions to achieve business growth, we had to find a dependable service partner who could ensure flawless operation of our office equipment and software regardless of their location. MAYKOR has a wide range of technical solutions that fit our needs, a well-developed network of service units and engineers with excellent professional skills. In addition, outsourcing  IT support meets our business development strategy of which cost optimization is one of the main components. Utilizing this strategic framework, during the last year Lorry opened offices in four large cities in the Volga Region and Siberia and has increased our sales by more than 25 percent. By the end of the year at least a third of the company's fleet was located beyond the Urals district.
E. Prokofiev
Deputy Chief Engineer, LUKOIL - 2012
During our partnership, MAYKOR continuously displayed its high professional status providing technical expertise, proactive problem solving and on-time and high quality work. MAYKOR employees managed their responsibilities with the highest level of competency.
D. Sokolov
Acting Chief Engineer, LUKOIL - 2012
For over two years, MAYKOR has provided technical and emergency services for our stations and fuel depots in the Volgograd region. We plan to engage them further for maintenance services of LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhsknefteprodukt.
E. Pawlicki
Head of Branch Operations, Media-Markt in Russia - 2013
To be effective, a large trading company such as Media Markt, needs efficient goods transportation processes including packaging, and as a result we are required to use special packaging equipment. We outsource technical support including support for the special equipment to MAYKOR because we want and need consistently high quality maintenance services in all our stores.
A. Belov
Regional Operations Manager of the branches of Media-Markt-Saturn in St. Petersburg – 2015
Media-Markt-Saturn’s regional office in the Northwestern Federal District is grateful to MAYKOR for helping ensure the physical infrastructure and security systems in Media Markt stores are functioning well. By taking over the entire engineering systems support services for our hypermarkets and promptly fulfilling all requests for maintenance and repairs, MAYKOR has validated its reputation as a reliable partner with efficient processes that are aligned with service management and a strong team of technicians and managers. We believe in continuing the existing business relationship and look forward to an even more mutually beneficial partnership
N. Timohin
Chief Power Engineer, Megafon - 2011
Throughout our engagement with MAYKOR, they have shown the ability to take responsibility for the tasks at hand, address emerging issues in a timely and efficient manner and manage work of any size and complexity.
Competent, diligent and efficient with strong work ethic is how we can describe MAYKOR’s staff.
MegaFon highly recommends MAYKOR as a responsible, reliable, professional partner providing maintenance and repair services of technology equipment for communication facilities.
D. Baydakov
Head of Payment Systems, Megafon - 2012
MAYKOR provides efficient, competent professionals with remarkable work attitude. Thank you for a great collaboration and we are confident that our successes will strengthen and provide the foundation for a long-term, mutually-beneficial partnership between our organizations.
I. Bondarenko
Administrative Director, MegaFon Retail - 2013
For us, the main priority is to provide the highest level of customer service in all our locations, regardless of which Russian region they are located in. The key to customer loyalty is well-organized store operations, including at POS areas. We hope that with MAYKOR’s equipment support services our stores’ operation will become more stable.
A. Tukanov
CIO, Melon Fashion Group - 2012.
Our partnership with MAYKOR gives us fast and centralized access to qualified maintenance services for our Astrakhan region stores. This helps us avoid store downtime and thus maintain our customer service at an appropriate level.
A. Ryder
First Deputy Director, Ministry of Education and Science, Russia - 2014
Our sincere thanks to MAYKOR for the efficient and quality work provided; the ability to professionally, promptly and competently solve complex technical issues with high level of responsibility; conscientious attitude and understanding; and a good working relationship.
M. Pravdin
Head of Civil Protection, Chief Directorate, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Russia (Moscow) - 2013
Due to the critical tasks entrusted to the OKSION system, it is extremely important to ensure efficient and continuous operation of all aspects of the system. Thanks to the quick response from MAYKOR’s specialists, the number of equipment failures has decreased and the performance of the system has improved.
A. Tirtoka
Chief Directorate, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Russia - 2013
We are grateful to MAYKOR for the successful development and implementation of an automated information management system. This system is a key part of the Russian emergency management program including prevention and response, as well as a crucial component of the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s nationwide educational and training programs.
A. Solenov
Director of Administrative Department, MTS - 2011
I express my appreciation to MAYKOR for the quality and timely work they have provided to support our store openings across Russia.
S. Razzhivin
Head of Finance, RTC (MTS Monobrand Retail Chain) – 2016
We express our gratitude to the MAYKOR staff for their conscientious attitude, cooperation and high level of competency. A special thanks goes to the engineers for their professionalism, responsiveness and understanding of our company’s needs.
S. Pletneva
Director of the Ural Branch, O`STIN - 2013
Throughout our partnership with MAYKOR, they have offered us high service quality, full resolution for any challenges that arose and fulfilled all their obligations under the terms of contract.
D. Martirosov
Technical Director, Otkritie Bank - 2014
We are actively increasing our presence throughout Russia. In the last six months itself the bank has launched more than 200 mini-offices, an average opening 1 a day. This aggressive expansion has seriously increased the need for IT support. Instead of increasing our own IT staff, we decided to turn to IT outsourcing. Today, MAYKOR has successfully solved many challenging tasks allowing us to quickly and efficiently scale the IT infrastructure support in a dynamic business development.
D. Martirosov
Technical Director, OTKRITIE Bank - 2014
Taking on the technical support of the entire range of IT equipment and systemsin more than 300 mini-bank offices throughout Russia, as well as maintenance and management of workstations in our new offices, MAYKOR has virtually freed our IT department from routine tasks.
Letter of Appreciation
Download (PDF 0.2Mb)
M. Krasnova
Head of Press Service, PANDORA, 2011
In search of a service partner we chose MAYKOR, because it was important for us that the partner had already established itself as a professional and reliable leader in the field of equipment maintenance. Also, we were looking for a partner that could effectively and efficiently maintain equipment in the regions where our stores are located. MAYKOR has definitely met all our expectations.
R. Murashkin
Head of the Directorate of IT technology infrastructure, Raiffeisenbank – 2015
We express our gratitude to the entire staff of the company for the reliable and high quality technical support rendered in servicing equipment and infrastructure for the bank’s regional network. I especially want to note the consistency and the ability of the project managers to find solutions in atypical, difficult situations, as well as the professionalism, accountability and customer-mindedness of regional engineers.
D. Chistyakov
Head, Vice President of IT End User and E-Bank clients Support Department, Raiffeisenbank – 2016
Raiffeisenbank expresses our gratitude to MAYKOR for many years of support and collaboration, in enabling us to solve technical support problems related to IT and banking equipment all around Russia in a highly efficient manner. The professionalism and project management proficiency of your team in the field contributed to the bank’s smooth transition to outsourcing, and resulted in a 30% cost reduction for our supporting functions. Today, we get on demand service coupled with a high level of quality from MAYKOR – as is evident from the over 10% reduction in downtime due to malfunction.
Letter of Appreciation
Download (PDF 1.5Mb)
V. Zemchenkov
Director, RN-Vostoknefteproduct - 2012
MAYKOR enables us to do flexible and collaborative work, and its staff diligently responds to our request. MAYKOR’s personnel organized their activities quickly to meet the specific requirements of our business, and launched and coordinated our joint work together with our experts.
A. Yakovkin
Deputy Director of the Macroregional Division and Director for Information Technologies of the North-West Macroregional Division of OJSC Rostelecom - 2014
We aim to develop an effective policy that will allow us to streamline print services by reducing printing costs while maintaining quality. Outsourcing our printing needs under a model that allows us to pay based on usage helps us achieve this goal: we get high quality service in accordance with the SLA as well as printing cost monitoring tools.
S. Nikiforov
Director of Rostelecom – Retail Systems Ural Branch - 2015
Thanks to the professionalism, involvement and consistent actions of the MAYKOR staff we have successfully and quickly solved the problem of commissioning cash registers in all our sales and service centers.
D. Ochulin
Deputy Director of IT Department at Rostelecom’s Volga Macroregional Division – 2015
The IT support requirement for Volga’s Macroregional Division consists of more than 14,000 service requests every month. We are confident MAYKOR will handle this area competently, helping reduce office equipment issues for our employees and allowing them to focus on their profile assignments.
G. Stepanova
Acting Director of Primorsky Regional Branch, Russian Agricultural Bank, 2012
MAYKOR is able to service our equipment throughout all areas of the Primorsky Krai, which is convenient and cost-effective for us. Their experts are competent, professional, responsive and provide high quality services.
A. Sobolewski
Director of Novosibirsk Regional Branch, Russian Agricultural Bank, 2012
We thank MAYKOR for the quality and timely POS equipment technical support and for the implementation of additional works and services.
S. Sychev
Head of Directorate of Telecommunications and Logistics, Russian Post - 2010
We express our sincere gratitude for the reliable service and close collaboration that MAYKOR has provided. We are confident, together we will achieve successful outcomes that will provide the foundation for further mutually-beneficial partnership between our companies.
K. Kulumaev
Head of Technology, Russian Post - 2011
We are grateful to MAYKOR for the quality and timely service performed on all our banking equipment.
A. Ivanov
Director of Branch, Russian Post - 2014
Thank you MAYKOR for a fruitful cooperation, excellent service and helping our project succeed. We are sincerely grateful for the highest level of service, and timely and quality work that met the high requirements of our company.
V. Gavrilenkov
Head of IT Infrastructure, FSUE Russian Post - 2016
The company has provided infrastructure technical support services for FSUE Russian Post’s Central Information and Computer Center. The infrastructure consists of more than 200 business information systems including automated systems for sorting centers throughout Russia, unified post offices automated system, Unified Treasury Information System, Marketplace E-commerce System, etc.
Letter of Appreciation
Download (PDF 0.7Mb)
V. Gavrilenkov
Head of IT Infrastructure, FSUE Russian Post - 2016
This company has a high level of professionalism, and the material and technical resources needed throughout Russia including at the Russian Post executive office. This puts the company the ability to fulfill its obligations in full and with high quality, in a timely manner, and in close cooperation with the customer as well as other companies that work with FSUE Russian Post.
Letter of Appreciation
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N. Shiyanova
Deputy Manager, Sberbank of Russia - 2013
We are grateful to MAYKOR for a fruitful partnership as well as for the quality and timely installation of our terminal equipment.
R. Slavko
Director of Technical Equipment and Telecommunications, Far Eastern Bank “Sberbank of Russia” - 2013
For technical support of our equipment, we utilize not only our own internal services but also third-party service providers. This year, our team of service partners was rounded out by MAYKOR, which has proven itself to be a reliable provider of tech support outsourcing services in Russia's Far East. The introductory phase of work performed in the Khabarovsk Territory demonstrated to us the high qualification and competency of MAYKOR's service experts. As a result, we have expanded our engagement to include all our ATM machines and payment terminals, which we know MAYKOR will support with high quality service.
R. Abramov
Director of West-Siberian Bank’s Department "Bank XXI", Sberbank – 2015
Only a company with an extensive service network in the regions can meet our SLA requirements for ATMs and POS terminals servicing. This is one of the key factors in our service partner selection process. MAYKOR-BTE’s representation in most Western Siberia cities and strong competencies in the field of banking equipment and technical support made it the clear winner of the tender.
A. Vlasov
Head of Quality Services, Sportmaster - 2013
Throughout the project, the cooperation with MAYKOR was most fruitful, with high quality of services rendered and compliance with all obligations under the contract terms.
MAYKOR’s team of professionals and engineers has proven to be capable of completing their tasks efficiently and quickly.
S. Dobrovolsky
Safety Department of the Siberian Branch, Sportmaster - 2013
It was very pleasant to witness the efficiency and technically competence of MAYKOR’s staff during the entire engagement period. The installation of security and alarm systems, CCTV and access control was done meticulously and was technically competent.
Y. Voskresenskiy
Safety Specialist South Central Branch, Sportmaster – 2013
The Safety Group department of the Sportmaster South Central branch is thankful for the technical expertise supplied by MAYKOR in the setup and installation of our IT security systems, as well as for the prompt and timely response whenever IT assistance is needed at the company's Sportmaster, O’STIN and Fanday stores.
V. Bykov
Director of Information Technology Department, Sviaz-Bank - 2015
PJSC JSCB “Sviaz-Bank” expresses its gratitude to MAYKOR-BTE for quality service and support of ATMs network dynamic development. Together, we were able to develop an optimal service model that reduces the cost of bank's support functions and increases the efficiency of the internal IT services. Your team of engineers and managers successfully copes with the task to ensure the stability of ATMs network across all 53 regions.
Letter of Appreciation
Download (PDF 0.2Mb)
M. Tuch
Chief Executive Officer, Svyaznoy - 2011
We are grateful to MAYKOR for the quality and timely technical support of our POS equipment located across  the Russian Federation, for the operational commissioning of self-service terminals, and general IT and facilities implementation support.
M. Tuch
Chief Executive Officer, Svyaznoy - 2011
We are very pleased with the quality and timely execution MAYKOR provides to support our store openings. Despite very tight deadlines and stringent terms and budgets, they are always willing to work with us; the services are always performed according to our requirements and priorities.
A. Volnov
Management Director, Svyaznoy - 2014
Every day, our shops are visited by more than 2 million people, so the smooth functioning of our POS equipment and payment terminals is an important part of our retail operations. The equipment must work properly at all times and be maintained in good condition. We engaged MAYKOR for equipment implementation services because of the skill sets they can provide and their deep understanding of our business as reflected in their proposal. The professional support provided by MAYKOR helps us maintain high service levels for our stores’ users.
A. Agudov
Head of Opening Support, IT Department, X5 Retail Group - 2013
We are grateful for the outstanding quality and support we got from MAYKOR during the launch of our “Karusel” hypermarkets where they performed the installation and implementation of SCS and complex hardware-software system.
The MAYKOR’s teams worked under extreme conditions, overcoming the lack of readily available equipment at the branch and fulfilled all the requirements in time meeting all technical specifications.
A. Agudov
Head of New Retail Openings, IT Department, X5 Retail Group - 2014
Most of their work had to be carried out in difficult conditions such as night, weekends and holidays, with tight deadlines during peak store openings. MAYKOR’s engineering and administrative teams of proven professionals continue to efficiently solve all of our IT problems.
A. Agudov
Head of New Retail Openings, IT Department, X5 Retail Group - 2014
Thank you for the successful IT infrastructure implementation during the launch of our network of  “Pyatyorochka” stores. We are satisfied with the quality of work done, the professionalism and commitment shown by your employees as well as their speed and technical competencies.