Wide range of technology services for Rosneft, the Russian leader and world largest public oil and gas company  

MAYKOR provides:  
  • Comprehensive technology and commissioning services for gas stations equipment and oil depots in RN-Moskva, RN-Ladoga, and RN-Severnaya Stolitsa 
  • Technical support services for Rosneft corporate automated payment system, RN-CARD 
  • Deployment and optimal management of POS and video surveillance systems for gas stations in the Far Eastern Federal District 
  • Creation and implementation of an analytical and cost allocation accounting system for products, processes and deposits of the mining company, Rosneft-Purneftegas (implemented by GMCS, a subsidiary of MAYKOR) 

Geography: Entire Russian Federation.
V. Zemchenkov
Director, RN-Vostoknefteproduct - 2012
MAYKOR enables us to do flexible and collaborative work, and its staff diligently responds to our request. MAYKOR’s personnel organized their activities quickly to meet the specific requirements of our business, and launched and coordinated our joint work together with our experts.
R. Ames
Vice-President IT, TNK-BP - 2013
Working together has allowed us to better understand our production costs and use the savings to implement better ways of leveraging our internal and external resources in the supply chain. We are completely satisfied with the quality of MAYKOR’s services and are seriously considering the possibility of further collaboration.