Russian Post
Service partner providing comprehensive IT services for Russian Post, the federal operator of the public postal network  
MAYKOR delivers the following:
  • Efficient operation of postal POS (customer service workstations) systems, weighing equipment, banking equipment, copiers, telephone systems, server hardware, advertising and information systems, electronic queuing systems and self-service terminals in all Russian Post and EMS Russian Post branches
  • Upgrades and implementation of corporate data network including implementation of network resources monitoring and management system
Geography: Entire Russian Federation.
S. Sychev
Head of Directorate of Telecommunications and Logistics, Russian Post - 2010
We express our sincere gratitude for the reliable service and close collaboration that MAYKOR has provided. We are confident, together we will achieve successful outcomes that will provide the foundation for further mutually-beneficial partnership between our companies.
K. Kulumaev
Head of Technology, Russian Post - 2011
We are grateful to MAYKOR for the quality and timely service performed on all our banking equipment.
A. Ivanov
Director of Branch, Russian Post - 2014
Thank you MAYKOR for a fruitful cooperation, excellent service and helping our project succeed. We are sincerely grateful for the highest level of service, and timely and quality work that met the high requirements of our company.
V. Gavrilenkov
Head of IT Infrastructure, FSUE Russian Post - 2016
The company has provided infrastructure technical support services for FSUE Russian Post’s Central Information and Computer Center. The infrastructure consists of more than 200 business information systems including automated systems for sorting centers throughout Russia, unified post offices automated system, Unified Treasury Information System, Marketplace E-commerce System, etc.
Letter of Appreciation
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V. Gavrilenkov
Head of IT Infrastructure, FSUE Russian Post - 2016
This company has a high level of professionalism, and the material and technical resources needed throughout Russia including at the Russian Post executive office. This puts the company the ability to fulfill its obligations in full and with high quality, in a timely manner, and in close cooperation with the customer as well as other companies that work with FSUE Russian Post.
Letter of Appreciation
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