Sberbank of Russia
Banking infrastructure technical support for the largest bank in Russia, Sberbank 

MAYKOR supports Sberbank of Russia through:

  • Comprehensive maintenance of electronic queue management systems for Northern branch, Moscow branch, Siberian branch, Ural-West branch, Northwestern and West-Siberian branches 
  • Commissioning and ensuring the smooth operation of the Europeum cash e-teller for Sberbank branches all across Russia
  • Efficient ATM network operation and management for Ural and West-Siberian branches  
  • Tape repair for self-service departments in the Volga-Vyatka, Volga, Siberian, Ural, West Siberian, West Ural, Baikal, Far East branches
  • Product promotion provision by handling the front line of incoming calls (performed by So'Call company, a subsidiary of MAYKOR)

Geography: Entire Russian Federation.
N. Shiyanova
Deputy Manager, Sberbank of Russia - 2013
We are grateful to MAYKOR for a fruitful partnership as well as for the quality and timely installation of our terminal equipment.
R. Slavko
Director of Technical Equipment and Telecommunications, Far Eastern Bank “Sberbank of Russia” - 2013
For technical support of our equipment, we utilize not only our own internal services but also third-party service providers. This year, our team of service partners was rounded out by MAYKOR, which has proven itself to be a reliable provider of tech support outsourcing services in Russia's Far East. The introductory phase of work performed in the Khabarovsk Territory demonstrated to us the high qualification and competency of MAYKOR's service experts. As a result, we have expanded our engagement to include all our ATM machines and payment terminals, which we know MAYKOR will support with high quality service.
R. Abramov
Director of West-Siberian Bank’s Department "Bank XXI", Sberbank – 2015
Only a company with an extensive service network in the regions can meet our SLA requirements for ATMs and POS terminals servicing. This is one of the key factors in our service partner selection process. MAYKOR-BTE’s representation in most Western Siberia cities and strong competencies in the field of banking equipment and technical support made it the clear winner of the tender.