Single source IT support provider for Sportmaster, the leader in sporting goods retail and wholesale in Russia and CIS  

MAYKOR provides the following to Sportmaster:  
  • Efficient IT support services for POS and banking equipment for all retail stores including installing, commissioning and configuration  
  • Design, installation and operation of facility systems 
  • Turnkey IT support for new store openings 
  • End user technical support 

Geography: Entire Russian Federation.
A. Vlasov
Head of Quality Services, Sportmaster - 2013
Throughout the project, the cooperation with MAYKOR was most fruitful, with high quality of services rendered and compliance with all obligations under the contract terms.
MAYKOR’s team of professionals and engineers has proven to be capable of completing their tasks efficiently and quickly.
S. Dobrovolsky
Safety Department of the Siberian Branch, Sportmaster - 2013
It was very pleasant to witness the efficiency and technically competence of MAYKOR’s staff during the entire engagement period. The installation of security and alarm systems, CCTV and access control was done meticulously and was technically competent.
Y. Voskresenskiy
Safety Specialist South Central Branch, Sportmaster – 2013
The Safety Group department of the Sportmaster South Central branch is thankful for the technical expertise supplied by MAYKOR in the setup and installation of our IT security systems, as well as for the prompt and timely response whenever IT assistance is needed at the company's Sportmaster, O’STIN and Fanday stores.