Stora Enso
Development of a comprehensive corporate management system for Stora Enso Packaging, a division of the global company, Stora Enso, a leader in manufacturing and sale of paper and packaging products 

GMCS, a subsidiary of MAYKOR, developed and implemented a corporate management system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX that enables Stora Enso to quickly access operational information of its plants in Russia. The system also allows the company to effectively manage cash and make timely adjustments to the plants’ manufacturing priorities. 

Utilizing a unified information framework, the management system integrated various functions including automated accounting processes, international tax accounting, planning and control to provide accountability levels that met corporate standards. Implementation and launch of the system were carried out not only at existing plants but also at new plants and facilities. 

Another challenge was the automation of HR processes which GMCS solved by implementing a solution using the BOSS-Kadrovik product. 

MAYKOR continues to provide Stora Enso with technical support for the business applications implementation. 

Results of the project: 

  • Increased efficiency of enterprise management 
  • Increased transparency of Russian business units to the parent company 

Geography: Central Federal District of Russia.
S. Buleev
CIO, Stora Enso – 2007
We are very satisfied with MAYKOR’s work and the technical support provided, and their service quality definitely meets our expectations. A flexible support program and consistently high quality work are the main reasons we will continue a long-term partnership with MAYKOR.
S. Buleev
CIO, Stora Enso – 2009
MAYKOR’s experts solved the difficult task of concurrently developing and deploying a management information system for an operating enterprise and a newly built factory. As a result, when the new production plant became operational it was automatically included in the single information system.