Wide range of equipment support services to Sviaz-Bank, a leading banking and financial institution in Russia 

MAYKOR provides Sviaz-Bank with the following: 

  • Optimal operation of ATMs and payment terminals throughout the Russian Federation
  • Implementation and commissioning of queue management systems at bank branches
  • Maintenance services for all Gamma-Center banking equipment  
  • Efficient management of banking equipment operation at branches in the Southern Federal District 

Geography: Entire Russian Federation.
V. Bykov
Director of Information Technology Department, Sviaz-Bank - 2015
PJSC JSCB “Sviaz-Bank” expresses its gratitude to MAYKOR-BTE for quality service and support of ATMs network dynamic development. Together, we were able to develop an optimal service model that reduces the cost of bank's support functions and increases the efficiency of the internal IT services. Your team of engineers and managers successfully copes with the task to ensure the stability of ATMs network across all 53 regions.
Letter of Appreciation
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