Development of an integrated management information system for the Russian division of Valio, the leading producer of dairy products in Finland

GMCS, a subsidiary of MAYKOR, developed a management information system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX that integrated the company's Russian headquarters in St. Petersburg, branch in Moscow, plant and distribution center in Ershovo, and a network of external warehouses throughout the country. 

The system enabled efficient warehouse management, production and planning, supply chain, distribution, and maintenance and repair of equipment and has approximately 100 users. The system reflects the actual commodity and cash flows of the company, maintains the operative account for direct costs associated with each production line and batch production records, as well as performs vital analytics related to stocks on-hand. 

The project is recognized by Microsoft as one of the largest implementations of Microsoft Dynamics AX in the areas of food processing, logistics and distribution. 

MAYKOR continues to provide services and support to Valio on an on-going basis. 

Results of the project :  

  • Increased efficiency of enterprise management for key business processes
  • Improved customer service quality due to precise order execution
  • Improved internal controls 
Geography: Central Federal District, Northwest Federal District of Russia.