X5 Retail Group
End-to-End IT services for the retail operations of X5 Retail Group N.V., a leading food retailer in Russia

MAYKOR’s responsibilities are as follows:

  • Comprehensive IT support service for new store openings
  • Management of POS systems, weighing equipment, network equipment, data terminals, computer and printing equipment
  • Design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling systems

Geography: Entire Russian Federation.
A. Agudov
Head of Opening Support, IT Department, X5 Retail Group - 2013
We are grateful for the outstanding quality and support we got from MAYKOR during the launch of our “Karusel” hypermarkets where they performed the installation and implementation of SCS and complex hardware-software system.
The MAYKOR’s teams worked under extreme conditions, overcoming the lack of readily available equipment at the branch and fulfilled all the requirements in time meeting all technical specifications.
A. Agudov
Head of New Retail Openings, IT Department, X5 Retail Group - 2014
Most of their work had to be carried out in difficult conditions such as night, weekends and holidays, with tight deadlines during peak store openings. MAYKOR’s engineering and administrative teams of proven professionals continue to efficiently solve all of our IT problems.
A. Agudov
Head of New Retail Openings, IT Department, X5 Retail Group - 2014
Thank you for the successful IT infrastructure implementation during the launch of our network of  “Pyatyorochka” stores. We are satisfied with the quality of work done, the professionalism and commitment shown by your employees as well as their speed and technical competencies.