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Gorno-Altaysk branch
MAYKOR’s Gorno-Altaysk branch covers the whole territory of the republic of Altai. The branch is equipped with a strong resource base, a spare parts warehouse including replacement inventory, cutting edge equipment, and its own fleet of vehicles.

The Gorno-Altaysk branch services a full range of equipment and infrastructure on-site including: computer and office equipment, servers and network equipment, engineering systems, cash registers, weighing equipment, banking equipment, control equipment for transport, communications devices and other infrastructure.

As a participant of MAYKOR’s Quality Management System, the Gorno-Altaysk branch has been certified in accordance with international standards (ISO) and has all the necessary licenses and approvals to perform required services. The branch also has certificates from leading manufacturers of hardware and software that indicate its ability to service those brands.

The Gorno-Altaysk branch serves local companies and local divisions of geographically distributed companies from key sectors such as: retail, oil and gas, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and the public sector. Our customers include: Sportmaster, MegaFon, Russian Agricultural Bank, the FSUE Russian Post, Federal Bailiffs’ service, Svyaznoy, MTS, Gloria Jeans, Eldorado, KARI, CentrObuv, Magistral-card, Bank ZENIT.