14 december 2012
A new era of management has already begun! GMCS participated in the official presentation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

GMCS participated in the official presentation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, which took place December 12, 2012 as part of the business forum "The New Era of Management".

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is not just release of the next version of the well-proven product. This new generation of business applications Microsoft helps companies to move to a higher level of business management, improve its operational efficiency and find new opportunities for development.

"Today, the company's success in the market depends on how fast it sets the direction for the development and implement them. In these conditions, the effectiveness and flexibility of business processes and the possibility to rebuild them go to a fundamentally different level. This requires new tools to manage the business, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. An important advantage of the new version of Microsoft ERP-system is that it evolves with the business of the customer, helping to improve current operations and improving the quality of decision-making," said Alain Gekler, Director of Microsoft Business Solutions in Russia.

Released product is a comprehensive business management solution that is designed for large international, federal and state corporations. The toolkit covers all areas of management: production and distribution, supply chain and projects, finance and business analysis, CRM and HR. Regardless of the number and location of the structural units and subsidiaries, Dynamics AX allows you to create complex business management system. The platform integrates corporate data, standardize business processes to create a single information space. It will take into account all the details of the legislation and the tax, bookkeeping, human resources and other forms of the accounting in countries where the organizations conducts their business.

Dynamics AX 2012 offers users the usual methods of working with data interfaces Microsoft Office. Dynamics AX 2012 also combines in one platform various industry modules. New opportunities for licensing - 4 types of client access licenses differing functionality. Because of this, companies can now connect to the ERP-system is almost 100% of their employees.

GMCS at the Launch AX 2012!

GMCS took an active part in the previous event. What did we speak about? Vice President Oleg Lysov GMCS and the Director of Retail Solutions Sergei Kotov in active dialogue with Microsoft described the fears of old clients and benefits of the new version. In addition, Oleg Lysov with Microsoft Surface demonstrated a complete solution for energy companies and utilities MECOMS.

Procurement and social networks. It would seem that there is nothin common, and where is the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012? President of GMCS Catherine Voropaeva and Vice President Natalia Ovcharenko not just talked about mega topical subject of procurement in the light of the Federal Law № 223, but also demonstrated how to organize quickly and efficiently the management of procurement opportunities with AX 2012. Moreover, participants were shows online how AX 2012 can be used for sales through social networks with the GMCS page on Facebook.

But we did not just tell and show. Charming nurse of GMCS literally listened to the problems of our clients and using installed on Microsoft Surface Dynamics AX for Retail, subscribed to them corresponding recipes to maintain tonus, and a special service worker offered to check all current debts for electricity, using opportunities MECOMS.

Finally, for only one day was deployed shop of the same name - GMCS. With the product, cashier - as it’s expected. In such a playful way we introduced the participants of the business forum with the capabilities of Dynamics AX for Retail.

In addition, forum members got acquainted with our company's self-made decisions on a new version of the system on the GMCS stand. These are solutions for financial, procurement and tendering, budgeting management, maintenance and repair, project management, etc.

14 December 2012, Presentation of Microsoft Dynamics AX
Participation in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 event
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