22 october 2013
Business intelligence for invention, solutions and actions

In 22 October 2013 the conference "Business Discovery World Tour Moscow 2013" took place in the World Trade Center in Moscow, the organizer of the conference - QlikTech, the leader in developing of Business Discovery systems – BI that is carried out by the end user.

A key objective of the conference is to acquaint the participants with the new version of QlikView, which is already available to Russian users and with the concept of Natural Analytics.

During the event the participants could acquaint with the proposed industry-specific solutions on the base of BI platform QlikView in live demonstration on the stand of GMCS. In particular, solution allows to analyze the budget performance, evaluation of accounts receivable and accounts payable, procurement and analysis of non-liquid assets in few minutes, plan effectively and to monitor critical situations in the supply chain in a timely manner.

According to the results of the conference competition of Partners’ mobile solutions, GMCS was one of the finalists. GMCS introduced the mobile application for the retail sector based on QlikView, which allows to obtain the analysis of key performance indicators for retail companies and necessary reports directly on the tablet or smartphone.

22 October 2013, Business Discovery World Tour Moscow
Business Intelligence to optimize business decisions
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