11 november 2011
CRT Service took part in CNews Forum 2011
CRT Service, a part of the MAYKOR Group, showcased its competencies at a key event on the Russian IT market, the CNews Forum, held in Moscow on November 10.

Following a tradition, the annual event has spelled out the landmark changes in ICT trends observed in Russia and identified new effort horizons across the industries. A specialized exhibition was held as part of the forum.

CRT Service was represented at CNews 2011 by Vice Presidents Vladimir Volkov and Yuri Malkin. Both took part in discussing the current technological trends and aspects of computerization, and a special e-vote to identify the leading-edge technologies to shape the development of computerization of Russian business and state in the years to come.

At its display stand CRT Service presented the latest of its technical on-site service solutions. The demonstration covered the available integrated maintenance programs for various systems, including cash register, office, instrumentation equipment, etc. CRT Service also offered a prize draw for forum participants, yet another pleasant addition.

The forum brought together professionals from more than 1,000 companies and organizations, including top managers of key state-owned enterprises, IT directors of the largest businesses from all sectors of economy (state-owned, finance, telecom, retail, fuel and energy, etc.), heads of IT companies.
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