2 december 2011
CRT Service took part in specialized exhibition forum Retailer Congress 2011
CRT Service, a part of the MAYKOR Group, has become a service partner of the third Retailer Congress 2011. Retail Property forum.

CRT Service contributed active participation to the forum's business program and joined in as a special partner for some discussions. CRT Service presented a display stand at a specialized exhibition organized as part of the forum. This was used to demonstrate the company's latest technical on-site service solutions and integrated maintenance programs for commercial equipment, including cash register, office, weighing equipment, etc. 

The information and exhibition ground of Retailer Congress 2011 brought together the largest retailers and developers from all across the country, giving them an opportunity to share their news and experiences as players of the retail property market. Using the format of open discussions and master classes, the participants offered a summary of their work in 2011 and shared their plans for 2012, which provided a database of accurate and authentic market situation data. The forum's materials were used to prepare a Top-50 Retail Property Owners rating.
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