6 may 2014
Customers of GMCS have received Oscars
At the annual meeting of the Microsoft Dynamics Club the several clients of GMCS have received high recognition and traditional prizes Oscars. 

Prizes have been given to the following clients of GMCS: 

Rosimuschestvo has been awarded with Golden Dynamics "For a comprehensive and systematic approach to the implementation in the public sector". The project to create the subsystem "Automated personalized management of state property" of the federal state information and analytical system "Unified system of state property management" aims to improve the management of federal property. GMCS, a member of the MAYKOR, as well as Deloitte and Prognoz have participated in the implementation of the project with the support of the consulting division of Microsoft in Russia on the base of technology Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

Yota has won the award for "The willingness to share experiences". A contact center of Yota, which processes 100 thousand requests per month, uses a solution, implemented by GMCS, on the base of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Effectiveness of the project has resulted in the reduction of the average time of call processing by 25%, the processing time of applications from a website and e-mail - by 50%, as well as reducing the cost of supporting CRM-system by 40%. 

TGC-2 has received the award for "Creating an industry standard in the energy sector". On the basis of an industry solution of GMCS on the platform MECOMS, promoted jointly with Microsoft, TGC-2 is implementing a unified information system of settlements with energy consumers and services. Its use will improve the collection of payment for services, customer satisfaction with cash management services, as well as loyalty and employee performance of the marketing divisions. In fact, the model of the billing solution for energy retailer companies is formed on the project TGC-2, taking into account the peculiarities of the industry. 

FSUE Russian Post has been awarded for "Large-scale project of the year". FSUE Russian Post uses a single information system of treasury management on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics AX. System, implemented in conjunction with GMCS, automates the management of financial flows on three main levels: Enterprise administration, Administration of the federal postal service (branch), post offices (a separate structural unit). Financial processes, which are controlled by EISK, include: cash-pooling, interaction with foreign postal administrations, agency payments, payments to a system of interagency electronic interaction (taxes, fees, fines) auto payments between structural units of FSUE Russian Post, etc. The number of the system users exceeds 8 thousand people from all structural units of the company. 

Every year Microsoft Business Solutions awards the complex, outstanding and socially significant projects of the year. This year's event has been attended by more than 100 representatives of different sectors: the public sector, the banking industry, retail, manufacturing, energy, telecommunications sector, transport and logistics, professional services and many others.

6 May 2014, Microsoft Dynamics Club
Customers of GMCS have received "Oscars"
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