28 november 2014
From simple services to Business Process Outsourcing
MAYKOR made a presentation about the evolution of outsourcing services in Russia at the 3rd International Conference "Outsourcing 2014: Current business solutions".

The conference was held on November 27, 2014, in Moscow. Service users and key players on the outsourcing market gathered at the conference to discuss topical issues surrounding the development of the industry and the most effective technologies for mutually beneficial cooperation. Presentations were made by leading industry experts and representatives of major Russian and foreign companies that use outsourcing services to develop their businesses.

A MAYKOR expert noted that "customers are now ready to integrate service providers more closely with their core business and transition to innovative forms of outsourcing. An example of this are BSaaS services that are actively being developed on the market. These services provide infrastructure and applications as part of a maintenance package that is offered under long-term leasing terms. If necessary, companies can also lease a team of service technicians. In fact, BSaaS represents a transitional stage. Russian business has already overcome several obstacles in its process of gaining trust in the outsourcing model, and today it is seeking out processes that can provide greater economic benefits, including business process outsourcing."
27 November 2014, Conference "Outsourcing 2014"
Presentation about the evolution of outsourcing in Russia
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