18 may 2011
GMCS and X5 Retail Group participated in SAP Forum 2011
GMCS participated in SAP Forum 2011 held under the auspices of the annual SAP World Tour that unites more than 50 countries.

The SAP Forum held at the World Trade Center on May 18, 2011 gathered more than 1,000 representatives of Russian and foreign companies, SAP partners and independent experts.

This year, the SAP Forum was held in Moscow under the global Connected SAP World Tour Program connecting the forums in different European countries with the global SAP Conference in Orlando (USA) – Sapphire Now. In the live broadcast from Orlando the world's renowned experts told the participants about the main trends and recent technology innovations in the automation of business-processes.

The SAP Forum began with a discussion in which the leading companies’ representatives with a prominent Russian journalist and TV presenter Leonid Parfenov as a moderator discussed the relevant issues of performance, mobility and responsibility improvement. All in all, the Forum program included 58 reports for different sectors – financial sector, energy sector, telecommunications, transport etc.

The report presented by Aleksander Gershkovich, Business Service Director, X5 Retail Groupm, was of particular interest for the audience. He told how the SAP solutions help X5 Retail Group to efficiently manage the key business processes in the entire retail chain. The Forum participants learned about the background, the implementation particularities and results of this large-scale project awarded by SAP for the Highest Quality SAP for Retail Implementation in the CIS which became a prize winner of the SAP Quality Award 2010. Specifically, Aleksander Gershkovich pointed out that the SAP for Retail implementation provided support for high growth rates of the X5 Retail Group business and enabled to increase the number of stores by 2.8 times since the commencement of the project. The further plans of the retail giant include the automation of the processes associated with the analysis of the change of retail prices, sales and price optimization based on demand elasticity, sales forecasting and stock replenishment, as well as the integration with the system for optimization of retail shelf space, and development of loyalty programs.

In the context of Partnership Solutions Session, Sergei Panov, Deputy Director, SAP Products at GMCS, told about the capabilities of monitoring of the integration processes using SAP Solution Manager.
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