19 february 2014
GMCS participated in Upstream Business Development for the Caspian and Black Sea regions

19-21 February 2014, Baku was held one of the largest oil and gas industry activities - Conference "Upstream Business Development for the Caspian and Black Sea regions". GMCS became a sponsor of this event.

This conference addressed the most relevant current influences and up-to-date issues to the Oil & Gas Sector and Upstream-Business in the Caspian and Black Sea region. The participants of the conference presented unique and focused business case-studies on strategic approaches to Joint Ventures and agreements, understanding national and private Upstream operations, transfer pricing, taxation and risk-management in the different countries, as well as focused discussions on  specific issues to the Caspian and Black Sea region. Speakers and experts fr om Caspian and Black Sea countries, the EU and elsewh ere shared their experience in Oil & Gas Exploration, Production Strategy and Business-Planning and Development, and how forward thinking companies could adapt current business approaches to harmonize with regional business cultures to ensure success in the marketplace.

The conference delegates made a reference visit to Sangachal Terminal and Caspian Energy Centre organized by BP. Caspian Energy Centre is a world-class oil and gas exhibition telling the story of the Caspian History of Oil and Gas Industry. Sangachal Terminal is one of the largest integrated oil and gas processing terminal. It covers 542 hectares and can process to 1,2 million barrels per day.

GMCS experts talked about how to start building a system of financial planning and control in the oil and gas company on the example of practical cases: how to choose the project methodology and avoid common mistakes in implementing, and get maximum business benefits in the operating process.

To get presentation materials of GMCS from the conference or learn more about the solutions offered for oil and gas industry, please contact us at info@gmcs.ru
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