28 february 2011
GMCS told about practical application of the Smart Grid concept at III Far East IT-Forum
GMCS participated in the III Far East IT-Forum dedicated to the future "smart energy". The forum held from February 28 to March 4, 2011 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk was traditionally initiated and organized by RAO Energy Systems of East and.

Over twenty largest Russian and foreign IT-companies, representatives of regional authorities, and chief executives of the holding RAO Energy Systems of East participated in the Forum. During the four days of the joint work, more than fifty thematic reports were presented, models and further ways of energy system development in the context of ‘smart energy’ were discussed.

A range of projects is being implemented today at the companies of the holding RAO Energy Systems of East, aimed at the development of the IT-sector. Thus in Kamchatskenergo, Microsoft and GMCS implement a unique for Russia project on the deployment of a new generation billing system that supports the Smart Grid technologies, which is intended to improve customer relations performance and provide new services. The GMCS experts – Sergei Dyatlov, Director for Relations with Energy and Housing and Public Utilities Companies at GMCS, and Vladimir Esin, Microsoft Solutions Department Manager – told about practical issues of the Smart Grid Concept application in the billing system deployment project.

As was pointed out by Ivan Blagodyr, CEO RAO Energy Systems of East, the basic lines of the Far East energy system IT-development strategy are based on the "smart energy" concept. "The Single Information and Communication System of the Holding is based on most resent IT-solutions – this is not just a simple step forward; this is the basis required for the development of innovative technological and management approaches in the Far East's Energy Sector. Therefore, this Forum has been paid great attention to, with this regard, all of us here will lay the basis for a new up-to-date and efficient energy industry of the Region", he added.

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