15 november 2013
GMCS told about ways to increase the commercial availability of rolling stock on the IV Conference "Market of railway rolling stock"

November 15, 2013 in Moscow was held the IV Conference "Market of railway rolling stock".

The conference was dedicated to addressing the most pressing issues of today for the owners and operators of railway rolling stock, such as the future of the freight car building market, increased transportation profitability, the development of cooperation between the transportation process participants. The event was attended by major industry representatives: Railways, Balt Trans Service, VKG Transport, Lithuanian Railways, Evraz TC, United Carriage Company, UralVagonZavod etc.

One part of the conference is a seminar "IT on the market of industrial traffic". The moderator of the seminar was Boris Kalyuzhny, Head of Department of MRO products of Oracle, GMCS. In addition, Boris presented a paper "Automated account of technical state and commercial availability of rolling stock", which described how at the competent organization of accounting status and location of the rolling stock could increase the commercial efficiency of its use. In particular, what kind of business processes need to be automated as part of a modern and effective system for rolling stock.

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