5 december 2013
GMCS took part in the conference "Clientonomics: more than CRM"

GMCS took part in the conference "Clientonomics: more than CRM", which took place on December 4, 2013 in Moscow. The conference, organized by Microsoft, was devoted to new approaches of conducting sales, marketing and providing customer service.

The world entered the "Age of the Customer". The client has always been the focus of any company. A new user requires new approaches of conducting sales, marketing, and providing customer service. How to work with the new client? What will help to be one step ahead of customer expectations and determine exactly what he wants? How to convey to him the offer and do it at the right time and in the right place? Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – is the Microsoft's answer to those challenges posed by the "Age of the Customer".

At the conference guests had ability to visit the showroom of GMCS, where they could watch live demonstration GMCS solutions for contact centers on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform on the base of project in Yota. GMCS specialists told about the benefits of a single client window, a unfied platform and interface in the automation of the contact center. The experts shared their secrets of Yota: the way how they were able to reduce the average processing time of a call by 25% and the processing time of applications from a website and e-mail 50% of its contact center, and how the solution of GMCS helped them in this.

At the conference appeared the deputy head of the Federal Property Agency Alexey Chubar. He spoke about creating an automated system of personalized management of state property on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which was implemented with the participation of GMCS. And Mikhail Sokolov, managing director of Innovation and Technology FC Otkritie, shared the secrets of building an effective contact center, and talked about the features of analytical CRM system of the bank Otkritie.

4 December 2013, Clientonomics: more than CRM
Demonstration of contact centers solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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