9 june 2009
GMCS took part in the Russian CFO Summit 2009
GMCS took part in the Russian CFO Summit 2009, where chief financial officers were able to find out more about efficient use of information technologies as part of their professional toolbox, IT becoming increasingly important in crisis conditions.

During 2 days – June 9 and 10 – the summit played host to a discussion between chief financial officers about the role of IT in their activities and an exchange of experience. The report on the topic of "Financial Director of Information Technologies" made by Oleg Lysov, Head of the Microsoft Solutions Department at GMCS, was of particular interest to participants. Summit participants were able to find out from the report why a chief financial officer needs a proactive position in terms of IT use and how to save money using IT on operative, tactical and strategic levels. Issues raised in the report were illustrated by specific examples of efficient projects, initiated by chief financial officers of companies that are clients of GMCS.

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