7 september 2017
MAYKOR discusses results of taking POS equipment online at Federal Tax Service meeting
MAYKOR, a leading Russian provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, participated in an expanded meeting of a working group on the transition to new standards for POS equipment. The discussion was held on September 6 in Moscow and organized by the Office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Moscow region.

Together with other participants, MAYKOR's delegation discussed the results of moving trade to online cash registers in accordance with new legal requirements. In addition, solutions to the technical challenges that arise during the operation of POS equipment, as well as the difficulties associated with transferring fiscal data through operators (FDO) were discussed in detail at the meeting.

Representatives of government authorities, public organizations, POS equipment manufacturers, and maintenance centers took part in the meeting.

According to 54-FZ dated July 1, 2017, sellers of goods and services in Russia must switch to using POS equipment with an online module. These devices send data on sales to the fiscal data operator, who then, if necessary, sends information to the Federal Tax Service.
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