7 june 2016
MAYKOR-GMCS demonstrated a mobile application based on OS Tizen at the Skolkovo Startup Village

MAYKOR-GMCS took part in the Russia's largest startup conference Skolkovo Startup Village, held June 2-3 at the innovation center Skolkovo. For the first time at the booth of the Russian Association "Tizen.ru" experts of the company demonstrated a mobile application for maintenance personnel based on Tizen OS.

The Mobile application of MAYKOR-GMCS is intended to conduct the technological control and repair of equipment, real estate, etc. The app allows performing the remote control of the mobile service personnel. The high level of data protection (for example, product information) is achieved through the use of a corporate version of the smartphone Samsung Z3, running the Tizen operating system.

A number of leading Russian companies had worked on the Russian version of Tizen operating system for a year. This mobile operating system is the first and single in Russia that has been certified by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC). According to Andrei Tikhonov, President of the association "Tizen.ru", Tizen OS can be used not only as a secure mobile operating system but also as a platform for the Internet of things.

02-03 June 2016, Skolkovo Startup Village
A new mobile application of MAYKOR-GMCS based on OS Tizen
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