25 september 2017
MAYKOR-GMCS discussed the future of the pharmaceutical industry

MAYKOR-GMCS partnered the conference "Future Projection", which was held on September 21-22 in Sochi. The event was attended by representatives of the leading pharmacy chains and associations, manufacturers, logistics operators and distributors.

MAYKOR-GMCS took part in the section, where participants discussed the ways of effective cost management and new sources of income among the other thing. Development Director of MAYKOR-GMCS Dmitry Mchelidze talked about how to optimize the management of leases and premises, thereby reduce the costs of maintenance of current premises and search for new ones.

The conference was devoted to discussing the direct contracts between manufacturers and pharmacies. First of all, pharmacy chains and the end user, which has the opportunity to buy the necessary medicines at an affordable price, will win from this approach. 

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