12 november 2014
MAYKOR-GMCS participated in the conference Visualize Your World Moscow 2014
GMCS (a subsidiary of MAYKOR) demonstrated the solutions for strategic management and human resource analysts based on QlikView in Moscow Conference of Qlik - Visualize Your World Moscow 2014, November 11, 2014.

GMCS solution to manage a company on the basis of the Balanced Scorecard allows to track the effectiveness of operations, identify problem areas and potential growth, find relationship of the data and make informed management decision to achieve strategic business objectives. Solution "HR analytics" is designed for complex personnel analysis in the context of key indicators.

Visualize Your World Conference of 2014 was devoted to the use of modern tools of business analysis for easy and intuitive data exploration, as well as new opportunities of Qlik solutions in information visualization, working with Big Data and data management.
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