22 june 2018
MAYKOR-GMCS shared life hacks to simplify the tax accounting automation

MAYKOR-GMCS spoke at the webinar "Automation of financial function", which was held on June 21 with the support of an industry community CFO Cafe.

The webinar was devoted to improving the efficiency of financial and economic management of the enterprise using proven methods and solutions in IT and finance.

Ksenia Chernikova, Business Director of MAYKOR-GMCS and holder of the ACCA certificate, shared her life hacks that simplify the automation of tax accounting, as well as the work of financial specialists helping to reduce human errors and improve internal control in the enterprise. Using the examples from different industries, Ksenia considered the specific features of tax accounting - how to solve different problems.

The online event was held on the basis of the educational platform "Business Development Laboratory".

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