24 october 2016
MAYKOR-GMCS took part in the forum RUGRIDS-ELECTRO

MAYKOR-GMCS introduced a solution for frauds detecting and preventing in electrical distribution networks at the international forum RUGRIDS-ELECTRO 2016. The event was held on October 18-19 at the World Trade Center under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

The Forum is a key platform to discuss needs and develop standards of intelligent solutions for the modernization of the Russian power grid, and share the best practices in the implementation of technology and innovation policy.

MAYKOR-GMCS introduced the analytical solution for the fraud detection and prevention, which uses the analysis of Big Data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The solution allows identifying the non-technical losses accurate up to a household in order to take prompt action to remove them and prevent their occurrence in the future. Participants got also acquainted with the mobile application of MAYKOR-GMCS to manage service personnel, available on different platforms: OS Tizen, Android, Windows.

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