25 march 2014
MAYKOR is taking part in the virtual exhibition of Global CIO
MAYKOR, a Russian nationwide provider of IT and Business Process Outsourcing, is taking part in a virtual exhibition of IT achievements organized by the official portal for IT directors, Global CIO.

The exhibition presents the key achievements of IT companies and the most interesting solutions offered to customers in the following areas: service, infrastructure, clouds, business applications, software development, industry solutions, and education. MAYKOR's booth, which is devoted to a new service - comprehensive servicing of GLONASS/GPS fleet monitoring and tachograph systems - can be found in the section titled "Services" and is accessible via the following link: http://www.globalcio.ru/expo/directions/services#item/11.

Any visitor of the virtual exhibition can have an on-line chat with service providers, asking questions about the topics that interest them and receiving consultations and detailed information about specific solutions or services.

The virtual exhibition of IT achievements will last an entire month up until April 24, 2014.

About the Global CIO portal

Global CIO is the official portal for IT directors of Russia that was created by the Russian Union of Chief Information Officers (RUCIO) and by the advocacy group in support of regional CIO clubs. The development aims and editorial policies of the portal are determined by an Expert Advisory Board. The mission of Global CIO is to become a work tool for every IT director and serve as a one-stop source of knowledge and forum for professional communication between IT directors, thereby promoting the development of Russia's IT community.

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